Today i had a sudden urge to make a cake.

For those that don’t know me,

I can sew a cake,

Buy a cake, 

and yes I’m  always happy to be given a cake

but generally making them is usually a chore.

( I’ve given up on cooking a perfect cupcake)

But  thanks to Mom,  who gave me a recipe from her friend Helen, for a delicious cake,  I  decided to throw caution to the Wind ( yes i know a bit dramatical,lol)  and today i wore the Cooking hat ………………

Adding the Ingredients:- Is always Fun….

cake adventure

Making a Mess:- something I am an expert at:-

cake Mess


And the finale :- My Cake



Just in time for someone getting home from school:-


I think i got a thumbs up…..

Now I know the photo doesn’t really do the cake justice, but if this was “smell- a- blog” you’d be impressed and if I could just give you a taste, but as I can’t share smell or taste,   I thought Id share the recipe with you.


HOT MILK CAKE        (From the Kitchen of Helen, Mom’s friend)

Never fails and makes large cake…mix exactly as given

4 Eggs

2 cups plain flour (less 2 tablespoons)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 tablespoons cornflour

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 cups castor sugar

1/4 lb (125gr) butter

1 cup hot milk

Place butter in hot milk to melt (not boiled)  Beat eggs all together till lemon coloured, add sugar all at once, beat well.

Add vanilla essence, then add flour, baking powder and cornflour (sifted together).

Add butter and milk all at once…blend on low speed.

Put into 2 x 9" (21cm) sandwich tins or one large tin….(I use 20cm (8") round pan with deep sides) for large cake

Bake at 350 deg (180 deg) medium heat…I wasn’t given the cooking time so it was guess work.

II think it was about 50-55 min large and about 30-35 mins sandwich tins  but check it about 5-10 mins before as ovens vary

For Sandwich spread first slab with jam add whipped cream…put top on and either ice or put more cream on top.

For large cake…ice top

This is a thin mixture…so don’t think it has gone wrong.



cake and quilts

And I think i shall since I’ve also managed today to get the binding ready to sew that final lap around Emma’s  Baby quilt.


Baby is due today, but no phone call as yet………………….Tick tock, tick, Tock.



Cake  Yummmmmmm


Stay Safe



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5 thoughts on “Cake……………….yummmmm

  1. You forgot to say how good you were at ‘eating’ a cake. lol.

    My first cake was a success. My second cake was not. It is not good to leave the cake in the oven 15 minutes longer than it needs to be. *sigh*

    The birds are happy with it, though.

    • How could I foget that, YES I dont mind a cake or two, lol.
      Mine was left in the oven longer that it should have been, and it wasn’t bad, or maybe everyone was just too scared to tell mom anyrhing negative lol.
      Mind you there isnt much cake left…………

  2. I’m proud of you Tracey…now if that one was a success, then I will give you more of my “never fail” recipes…and maybe take a holiday from cooking..He! He!……………….Mom xxx

  3. And now I have a sudden urge to eat some of your cake, looks delicious. I am just off to bed, how nice it would be to take a slice and a cup of tea to enjoy I read for a while.

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