Lazy afternoon………

It’s all very quiet here this afternoon,  the house is very still.

Hubby is sound asleep, Dan is lost in Spore Land ( A PC game) and Shannon is listening to her favourite songs.

I have a leg of lamb cooking away in the oven so the house is smelling very yummy.

Outside there is a nice breeze blowing and the temperature feels just about right.

So i thought while all is peaceful i would take the time to do a bit of a catch up, It feels like i haven’t been to “beadywitch land” since forever but i know its only been a week, life tends to take over at times but its all been good.

I have been sewing:-


And I am happy to report that the Quilts for the new bubs are coming along very nicely, not quite finished,( actually i still have some way’s to go), BUT fingers crossed the little sweeties  won’t come just yet but it is getting close now,  1 is due at the end of this  month, and the other is due just about time for Xmas……….now that’s present Santa has no part in, (or maybe he does!)……………….

I have been trying to squeeze in a bit of beading as well, Remember  this messy table , well here is the necklace that i was “playing” with :-


At least something pretty came from that mess.

And i have been very busy trying to do some jewellery as I am going to the markets again this year with my friend, Barbara.

When we  did the market’s  last year  it was a totally enjoyable weekend and this year I’m hoping to recuperate some of the money that i have spent in purchasing beads,   “fingers crossed, yet again” ,  and after all Christmas is just around the corner……………….

Anyhow i have a couple of pieces ready but am trying to get some smaller item, like earrings:-

copper danish knot earrings


And maybe a bracelet or two:-

spiral weave

herringbone weave

And there are other bits and bob’s that i am working on that i will share with you once i am organised……..

I’ve also been very busy working on another project, one that is for a very special friends birthday, which is today but we are doing the birthday lunch tomorrow.

Of course i can’t show you the finished product just in case she happens to pop in, but i can share a snippet:-

birthday gift  

But now on a very serious note, I can’t leave you without this warning.

BEWARE !!!!!!!!!

Beware of any husband’s wielding a orange handled saw like this one:-


He and the saw can be extremely dangerous to innocent bushes that DID NOT NEED PRUNING:-

 when pruning goes bad 

Well not  quite to this extreme……..

This reminded me of the time i had dahlias growing beautifully in my garden , just about ready to flower  and my dear sweet hubbie  came along with a whipper snipper and “tidied” them up, because they was spilling on to the path that NO BODY walks up……..ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

Next time he venture’s into that shed i think I’ll be sitting very close by…….



sweet peas


Enjoy your afternoon……..


Stay safe




3 thoughts on “Lazy afternoon………

  1. It seems to me, your Father has been giving Patrick lessons on what you REALLY do when you get into wifey’s garden with a saw???

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