English Rose……

English Rose

This Sunday has come and gone and tomorrow brings the arrival of my daughter and her two bundles of Joy, Kiera and Jake  for a whole weeks visit.

Looks like plenty of scary movies, computer games, crafting and just making the most of our visit…………………

And i am sure a photo or two will be produced at a later date…


This weekend though Shannon and I sat together at the Kitchen table and together we crafted………

Shannon put her hand to painting:-

butterfly art

And i was mighty proud of her artwork “ in progress”……..


I worked on 2 things,

A photo pendant that i should have had finished, let me see AGES ago ( I’ll blame my back issue’s), for Robyn, a lady who  has kindly put some of my jewellery in her shop Oz art.

I haven’t quite finished it yet, but I am liking it very much and I can’t wait to give it to her…………….

Photo Pendant 

The next project is also a pendant.


Rose Pendant

I have square stitched a Rose with seed beads, ( I did this part almost a year ago, but hadn’t quite worked out how i could finish it), then today I had a thought and then a play, and some very harsh words as things didn’t quite go to plan,

And this is the result:-

rose pendant

MMMMMMM I wonder how long it will take for me to turn into a necklace!!!


Dan didn’t do any craft with us but he tried to play Master chef at our local Bunning’s  store when we had to make a mercy dash to Obtain Sandpaper for the above projects.


But earlier in the week our Dan was the radio man…..

Thanks to his equal first place at the Public speaking competition, both boys were asked to prepare a speech to be aired on our local radio station this week, for the car Race event that is held every year at Mt Panorama.

Dan spoke About Fords and The other champion Ricky  spoke about Holden’s……………

Unfortuanlty for Dan, Holden’s won the race today , but they both did such a great job with their radio performance, another proud Mother moment…..



And i thought it was time i shared with you The Rose earring’s

Purple flower

blue flower

Before i forgot……………..


Ok  so now I am off to try and get some much needed beauty sleep in preparation  for Tomorrow’s arrival’s..


I can’t wait.


Stay Safe



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