A day @ Grandma’s………………

Being Sunday, we decided that a trip to Grandma’s was in order.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quiet as nice as we could have hoped for, It was cold and windy, and along the way i’m  sure I spotted sleet,  it was FREEZING and one could be mistaken in thinking that it was Winter instead of Spring……

Rainy Day

But it was still good to be out and about, and  we did have the car’s heater to keep us warm………

Grandma cooked us the best baked dinner, which was very selfless as she herself couldn’t eat anything  as she has to have some test’s done tomorrow which required her to fast……bummer.

Dan tried to cheer her up by telling her that lunch wasn’t very nice (whoops), but in actual fact, he whispered to us that it was beautiful which we was all in agreement…

Grandma will get to enjoy her baked dinner tomorrow……

After lunch, Grandma and I braved the cold and went for a wander outside to admire  grandma’s pride and joy, her Garden……flower




winter rose

And i came across a busy Ant hard at work or maybe just  slumming it…………………


In the very prettiest of Ant flower motel’s………………

Ant Motel

Meanwhile what was happening back inside Grandma’s house????????

the Lad's

Footy on TV  perhaps?????


Maybe Dan annoying his older sister…………. A definate !!!


And then  of course we had our afternoon cup of tea and cake and poor grandma had to share  give her piece of cake to Chelsea Dog. ( No cake for Grandma)

cake time

Chelsea was pretty Happy to do her the favour, Hehehehe


Then of course it was time for a cat  Dog nap:

Dog Nap


  And time for us to go home…


Stay Safe


P.s :  Thanks Grandma for the most delicious lunch.

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4 thoughts on “A day @ Grandma’s………………

  1. Sunday visits to Gran’s were a regular thing when I was a girl, lunch, men walking round the farm, women walking round the garden or the village, tea and then church. I’m glad you are keeping this lovely tradition and I hope Grandma is over her fast and enjoying her cooking again.

  2. Thank you Tracey, in spite of not being able to share in the meal, I had a lovely day…as always, as did Grandpop and Chelzea…xxx

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