Sweet peas and Busy Beezzzzzzzzzz……….

I have something very special to share………………………….


My very first sweet pea has arrived, and as the days progress hopefully many more will follow………………..

I have a tree in my backyard that hangs over from the neighbours Yard.

Come Autumn this tree usually becomes a bone of contention for my hubbie ,he hates the mess that the leaves make and if my hubbie had his way this tree would be long gone, chopped up into little pieces.

I admit i do see his point as I’m not usually the one has to who rakes up all of those autumn leaves and usually there are lots.

But  as we are at the start of spring, the tree has become a wonderland of beauty and activity, and so the tree has become a Beezzz Haven ,  luckily today, i discovered the beauty of it all ……………….

 Busy beezzzz





I will fight to save My Tree when Autumn rolls around…………………….

Its a treasure!!


Stay Safe



7 thoughts on “Sweet peas and Busy Beezzzzzzzzzz……….

  1. Beautful tree, it must stay. The fallen leaves can be used to make compost, so look upon them as a gift. I’m on your side, the world needs trees to survive. Nice thing about sweetpeas is the more you cut the more you get, enjoy your garden.

    • I am definalty going to be sticking up for this tree in the future, didnt relise before how pretty it actually was, as for my sweet peas, its taken awhile for me to have sweet pea success, and there is more planted throughout my wild garden so im very excited about the flowering prospects, and i will do as you say about cutting them, thanks.
      I’d like to make the most of them.

  2. Hello.
    Sweetpeas are my favourites. They look so delicate and smell so lovely.

    Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. We all need inspiration, especially me! To think I may have inspired you is quite overwhelming. I’m very flattered.

    Love Fi x

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