Pain ruin’s a day’s adventure…………

Yesterday i had such great plans……………….

And it began with a clear sunny day……………………….


And beautiful countryside to admire, for the passenger being Mwa………………..



And then discovering the new bead shop in a little town that if you blinked you’d miss,


And we stopped as this was the main reason behind out little Sunday drive, and did I discover anything of interest??????

You betcha !!!!!!


Flowers of all shapes and sizes, I’m thinking a tassel or maybe a funky necklace or maybe a flower garden embroidery (mmmm I hadn’t thought of that one until just now), who knows………..

After the stop at the bead shop our journey turned miserable.

My great plans of taking my family  traipsing through cemeteries, and wandering the streets of a very cute little country town that apparently has a lolly shop but before all this could happen, nature stepped in and gave me a swift kick up the butt in the form of a horrible sore back………………….

I know exactly when it happened, but didn’t think much about it until i tried to bend and then our beautiful Sunday Adventure was swapped with a horrible nightmare !!!!!

My dear sweet Hubbie wanted me to go straight to the hospital but big brave me said no need, Ill be ok.

Wishful thinking on my behalf and this morning off we went  to our local hospital and waited and waited and waited in the hope that some magical knight would come through those doors and call my name and give me the magic potion that would cure me of all that woe’s, Yeh  you guessed just a dream and instead,  we was lucky enough to get an appointment with a local Dr’s Surgery.

So  a few prescriptions later,  i am feeling like maybe I’m going to be OK !!!! or maybe that’s the drugs talking, either way I will never take my good health for granted ever again……………….

So now I’ll think about next weekend and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that some good Adventure may be had or just a plain old day at home in good Health !!!






Stay Safe and Healthy

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