latest creations

I have been very busy the last couple of days, trying to finish up some loose ends before we go away on our holiday.

Tomorrow i plan to take some pieces of jewellery down to a local shop, OZ ART, run by a lovely lady who has allowed me to put my jewellery in her shop, anyhow i havent been down for awhile to check how things are going so i thought i would pop down tomorrow  with some finished  pieces.  And tonight i thought i would show them on here:

colourful flight

This piece is an old plate that i had bought  from the Op Shop and then broke, then i have soldered around the edge and I have tried to match the colours. (I was inspired by a lady at a market stall that i attended back in November).

The Next piece is also from an Op Shop purchase, The Focal piece was off  a Funky Pair of shoes,(Which i think may have be quite expensive to buy when new). then i added some swartzki crystals and Pearls:


The Next is a  Lariat, I have had lots of ladies make this style of necklace in my class  and i have been truly inspired by some of those creations……………

Spring Time


And Finally this is another longish necklace that has the clasp in the front as a sort of focal feature. As i am sure you might guess i do like my pinks, lol actually I am quite fond of all colours………..

Butterfly tassel

I do have more that i just havent taken photo’s of as yet, ( It takes me a bit to get organised) so they can be for another time.

Now fingers crossed that all my “creations” can find the homes they belong in…….



Stay Safe


Countdown is on, only 4 more sleeps to go……………..


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