Tea cups and Birthdays……………….

On Monday we celebrated yet another member of our little craft group’s Birthday

I showed a snippet of this project a few post’s back. and

Thankfully i had finished in the nick of time :

Tea cup pincushion

A tea cup Pincushion.

teacup view from above

I’m pretty sure that she liked it but she told me it

was too pretty to use………..

No!  I said,  I made it to be used and admired of course.


It seems like I have a birthday around every corner but  today i managed to finally put the finishing touches to a couple  of homemade presents, sorry i can’t  show you just yet,  I’d hate for them to be seen before time,(I can share though that one belongs to my oldest grandson ,something special he had asked me to make a while a go,) and today it was finished, the only thing left to do is to wrap the presents and get them ready for the journey that lays ahead.           

It feels quite liberating to have finally finish the present for my grandson, fingers crossed he will be impressed with  his grandma!

This  week was also a good week as my youngest girl  Shannnon received a Merrit Award for Music no less, and i think it  may  inspire her to do better as she was so proud of herself , as was her father and I,  I do beleive that the  little girl  at Primary school,  who  was school Captain no less has  finally settled into High School, Yay!!!

merit award


Well tomorrow is my last day of classes before the school holidays begin, and then next Monday we are off, “Leaving Hubbie at Home” to visit with  the gorgous grandkids and their mom and dad’s (My oldest 2)

I cannot beleive it has come so quickly and i  just can’t to  to see them, it feel like forever since they were all here.

And  i am leaving  all beads behind, lol,  but maybe i will pack a crochet hook and and a ball of wool,  just for the night time  and i will definalty have the camera on Hand..

I just wish it wasnt soooo far away, the drive will take me 5hrs, but its so  worth it in the end…………..

And weve recently purchased a MJackson cd so that should keep us singing and dancing, well scrap the dancing bit ,lol

 Dan has somehow conned his way into taking the laptop with us and  he has  already installed Gamemaker  (a platform that he uses to make internet game’s),  For a  12yr old he amazes me how he can do the thing he does with computors lol and sometimes Scare’s me  as  well!

Time to read a few pages of my book before sleep takes over.

Stay Safe



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