Sunday drive

Yesterday we decided to go for a nice drive……………………………..

OConnell Drive

Our destination:   My old home town, thought maybe i could show the kids where i grew up ……….

country side

Thinking  also just maybe we might find some snow,   but we didn’t,  plenty of sheep though.

First stop…………………

The Dam

Oberon Dam

It was so cold that i nearly backtracked to the warmth of the car, but i didnt andas we walked across the dam wall the sun seem to win the war.   I remember there being much more water in it…………………


shared moments

Father and son

father and daughter

father and daughter

The kids seem to enjoy the view.
Next stop was to revisit some old homes that i grew up in…
First Home
This the first home we had when we first came to Oberon.  Very small if i remember right!!
The next home was a favourite, and one that i have plenty of fond memories of  and scary ones!!!
Essington Park

This house was filled with plenty of history and stories of ghost.

One of the stories told was off the little girl who once lived there at the turn of the century and fell to her death from the Balconey (the same one that we  can see in the photo), at the time the house was just being built and there was no guard rail on the Balcony,

The story goes that the father was so heart broken that he  cursed the house!!!

Her little grave is situated  down the front of the house in a paddock near a creek…….A single headstone..Quite sad really.

I remember being happy in that house but years later after we had moved, Mom and I came back to take a look at the house as the new owner was fixing the old place up.

I can remember sitting  in the new built kitchen feeling warm and cosy, then as we went through the older part of the house i can remember feeling quite strange and having a great need to get out of the house, i ended up having to wait outside while mom wandered through the house she had loved.   I have never been back since…

The next house wasn’t as exciting or beautiful but it was where i would grow up and begin to make my own way into the world…………..

North Street

I guess this place pretty much holds most of my coming of age  days, with all the troubles and woes, and all of the happy times, and all of the memory’s that I have………..

North Street

I remember walking up and down this hill day after day to go school, which was right at the very bottom( no wonder i was such a skinny kid) and i remember having to have days off when  it snowed as it was too dangerous to walk or drive to school.

Then it was time for lunch and what better place is the old  cafe that as kids we would order our chips and sit in the booths on a friday afternoon (when i was allowed).

Peter's cafe

It was a bit of a let down as everything inside was completely different, no more booths, no more mirrors on the wall, not the cafe that i remembered at all…………..BUT great fish and chips

fish and chips

Its amazing how the cold weather can make you Hungry! And there was an old photo of the cafe on the wall………………….

Peter's cafe

Definalty taken WAY before my time…………………..


After lunch we decided to visit the cemetary and pay our respects to friends long gone, Dan wasnt very comfortable,( not that i can blame him) so we didnt stay very long.

Our last stop before we headed home was at a local lookout……………

Oberon lookout

I’m glad that we made the trip,

 It was great to go back now and again and remember.

But i think when we told the kids the trip was over , they seemed quite sad……………..

happy kids

Not !!!!

We all slept like baby’s that night…………………


Stay Safe



One thought on “Sunday drive

  1. I agree its good to go back to places that are important in your life, it sort of puts you into perspective. I still like to see houses where we’ve lived and reflect on how life has progressed though having moved around a bit I sometimes wonder where I really belong. Great trip, thanks for showing us.

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