Believe in Dreams……….

I believe in dreams,

I look at  where my life  is today,

Im happily married to my soul mate,

 i have 4 beautiful smart kids, 3 beautiful grandchildren with 2 more on the way ” well maybe one isnt quite mine but im happy to be a surrogate grandma”,

 a beautiful happy home,

 the best job ever that introduces me to like minded ladies, where i get to help them create beautiful jewellery, 

 and all that i love are ok except one who i hope gets the help that she needs, now rather than later. xox

 ( I think i maybe slightly hormonal tonight and a bit saddened by the news of the deaths of MJ and Farrah)


But i do Thank God for all that is good in my life …………………xox

Back to work tomorrow but only for Tomorrow and then i have one more class next week and then SCHOOL HOLIDAYS………….YAY!!!!!!!

Thats means that i can  pack the car up with all the necesary craft requirements”( Im thinking a crochet hook and some wool will be suffiecient) plus the kids , shannon and Daniel and off we go on our journey to see the very much loved ones, I am getting so excited and I know certain loved ones are as well!!

The only bad part of the trip is leaving hubbie home  and alone…………i really hate that part, but its the way it has to be  and i wont think about that, and think only of the joy at the end of the trip.

Anyhow back to the reason I am blogging tonight, to show off my pendant that i have been working on furiously for the last few days “Yes all other projects have been put aside for  a moment” as i became Lost in the “Pendant”!!

And here it is Taa Daaa:-

clay penant 

I have been wanting to do this for ages, and finally i did.

The pendant is made from Polymer clay and  a photo of my daughter,

 I  did have several failures but you always need to make ur mistakes to learn………..

And i still have a lot to learn.!!!!


Believe in your Dreams………..You never know where it may lead you.


Stay Safe


ps:  Shannon came home from school the other day quite proud of herself, she will be receiving a Merit Award for Music, Her first award since starting High School and the boost she needed to strive for more…………. Very Proud!!!


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