Another Day………….

Thankgoodness i am sitting in my nice warm house feeling all cosy and comfy, outside i can hear the rain pouring from the heaven’s above, they said that we would get some rain this weekend and finally it has arrived.

All is well here in this world of mine, besides the fact that poor  hubbie was sick with the dreaded Flu ( and no not  the swine flu, thankgoodness), we blame the youngestson as he was sick the week before, so I am sitting here with finger’s and  toes  crossed that i dont get  it next week……………….Please!!!!

Thankfully for hubbie and son, they are both on the mend.

I seem to lose track of days once Wednesday becomes Thursday, and all those things that i “wanted” to accomplish before my working days start  have either been acheived or just waiting for the next chance that comes with  the beginning of the new week.

To be honest last  week was quiet productive, I finished a birthday present, which is great considering tomorrow we are off to have lunch to celebrate  my friend’s birthday.  This is for her:

crochet cushion

I know that she likes Pink, so i hope that this isnt Tooooo pink!!

I was totally impressed with myself when i made  curtain ‘s  for my Laundry window out of an old Lace tablecloth, i cannot beleive how simple curtain making can become with the aide of some curtain tape and rings, Wow, too easy………….

tablecloth curtain


And as I dont have a kitchen window to gaze out,  from i have decided that my laundry window will become the “Wanna be Kitchen” window,

so  i can picture some pot plants on the window shelf,

 soooooo when i went to the Op shop last week i bought  an old teapot that i had been admiring for  a while ,” but just wasn’t sure what purpose it might serve”,  that was until i hung the curtains up  and thought how nice  that teapot would look sitting on the window sill,  Thankfully it was still there, and even though i wasnt too happy about the price, it was bought………..

teap pot

I’m thinking maybe a herb would be nice  planted inside,  something thats easy to grow and is useful????

Any Suggestions?? I’m a wanna be gardener!!


Yesterday i ventured  out to the shed and had another attempt at soldering:


I do beleive my soldering is getting better. This by the way is a piece of broken plate that i found at the Op shop…

I plan to turn it into a necklace so it goes on the list for early in the week wanna do”s, ( Actually its about 5th on that list, lol)

My granddaughter had her 4th birthday,  my grandson was the week before, so i am saving up all those special grandma kisses and hugs( and a few mother ones for the parents)  for our visit which i can say its getting closer and closer by the day, 3 weeks to go. yippeee!!!!

For now though I am off to wrap my friends birthday present for tomorrow,

The rain seems to have settled for now but i have the feeling more is on the way, after all is is winter.!!



Stay Safe



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