Lazy day and yet another crochet hat……

As you can probably tell by my title, i have been “playing” with yet another crochet hat.

This time, it was requested by  my 13 yr old, and of course, i am quite prepared to forgo  any domestic duties to fulfill the wishes of my children, ” yeh as long as it suits me to do so. lol”, and seeing it was Sunday and the walk along the river,  that we had decided would be on today’s agenda but was unfortunately cancelled due to rain,  which was a  bit disappionting as i felt like getting the camera out of  its case,  and try to get at one with nature…………….

oh , thats right I  was discussing the crochet hat,

Well after searching for a pattern, finally I  decided to give it a try.

And  hey presto “The crochet hat was created”…………..

crochet Hat

 I personally can see a flower off to one side but i have been told  that NO , there will be no flower’s of any kind………….ouch!!!

Anyhow she seem’s quite happy and impressed but i am wondering will it be hung on the hook like the last hat i made and never to be seen again, she tells me that she will really wear this one  ( at home behind close doors , me thinks. !!!!!)

I personally am quite pleased with  myself and i am thinking that tomorrow i may have to “pop” into spotlight and “just ” admire some more wool for maybe another hat !!

Mind you i do have a couple of projects that have deadlines to meet (like Birthday’s) so maybe i”ll be good and  finish those first………..he he he.

Last night we hired a movie ,  Benjamin Button, I loved it, i found it sad, emotionally.  We All ended up watching it again today, while i furiously crocheted “the Hat”……..

My youngest boy decided that he would help me in the Kitchen with dinner  tonight,  his favourite show at the moment is Master Chef   and everything  that is placed in front of him is judged on presentation, taste and originality…………

It is a good thing, but he really wants to get in there and cook, so  i got him to peel the vegetables for me , which was great until he wanted to cut them up, but alas not just normal cutting of vegetable’s, he wanted to make them into very elaborate shapes that he’d seen being done on TV,  i couldnt handle the knife in his hands, so we settled for very basic slicing and i think i scared him with my constant moaning about being Careful with that very sharp knife, and i let him dish the dinner up,    he  seemed pretty happy with  himself,   and so was i until he  couldnt be found anywhere to help with the cleaning up of the master kitchen  ,   Now i am pleased with  this new interest  and i will be encouraging him with this new interest as best as I can………………….


And even though we didnt get down to the river today i did manage to pull the camera out for a moment………..



Stay Safe



One thought on “Lazy day and yet another crochet hat……

  1. Its pouring down here too, I’m knitting because I can’t crochet. That hat is brilliant, tell your daughter to wear it lots and tell all her friends her clever Mum made it.

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