There’s no mistaking what season we are in at the moment………….


Its so cold, and my crochet hat and scarf is going to come in mighty useful right about now.

Apparently there was snow all around today and they are predicting more in the next few days. I wish it would snow here, and it has in past years but it never really settles, from my window i can see the mountains surrounding us and when it snows really heavy you can see the mountains white covering.

You can usually drive a few miles out of town and find a winter wonderland of white…………..

Its so magical…

I can remember a time ” another lifetime” when i was a young teenage girl and i lived in a little country town not far from here,  where it did actually snow, and really settle.    A favourite thing that i love’d  to do was to go out to the forestry and  collect pine cones for our fire,  and  i will always remember that   feeling of serenity, and a peaceful quietness………..

In a world of white……

But alas no white here for us tonight, just bitter cold, even the heater doesnt seem to be able to keep up, so its looking like a book, bed and bedsox night, lol.

Ive been busy making rings, rings and yep more rings………….


Its amazing how things so little can take up so much of  my time, and i still have 1 that i havent quite finished.   I am hoping that i may be able to sell a couple in a local shop and there’s one there that belongs to my mom.

Today i did manage to leave the  “ring Table” and venture out door to the shops,

 I had to get some items for tea and I thought i’d pop into the op shop as i hadnt been for few  week, (since i discovered the  most beautiful curtains) , but today i found 3 very cute candle holders,

they need a clean up but they will sit very nicely next to  the frame i got for Mothers day………..

pretty pink candles

I found them hidden away at the back of a shelf ,  and there was no hesitation when i spied them and a  Bargain at $3.00..

I love OP shops soooo much………..

Anyhow today is also a very special day, My little grandson turns 3 today, I only wish i was there to give him the biggest kiss and cuddle.

So this is for him,


grandma’s litle Batman:-



Work tomorrow, so the hat and scarf will be definalty in use………..


Stay safe (and warm)



4 thoughts on “Brrrrrrr

  1. Your post made me shiver, I’m such a summer person I can’t understand anyone wanting snow. Still the colder weather means you can get on with crafting. You’ve been making some beautiful things and done some good bargain hunting too. Wonderful that others’ cast offs can make us so very happy and that little grandson must give you a warm feeling too, keep cosy.

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