The beginning of winter………….

Yes, today was the begining of winter and there was no disappiontment to the day, it was cold, thankfully i didn’t have to venture out,  so it also became a “stay indoor pj sort of day” and as the kids didn’t go to school today for various reasons, none being too much of a worry, we all spent the day in the warmth of the indoors.

I sat in bed until 11am starting a round crochet cushion but shhhhhh i’d hate for anyone to think i was a sloth,  Dan read his computor book and Shannon just snuggled under the blankets, all in all a pretty good start to the day, an occurence that won’t happen again I’d  say for quite awhile.


Finally i finished my crochet flower necklace……………..

crochet flower


flower close up

I think it turned out ok, and i will definalty be starting another one ,  hopefully this time it wont take me quite as long to finish.

Thats the trouble with me, i tend to think too much about how its going to turn out and maybe i get a bit unsure but once I’m in that zone i get lost in the moment, i just  need more time so that i can get lost  in the “moment” more often.

This week i also begun an “adventure” for my oldest grandson, awhile back “actually” i think it was way before xmas last year,  i had made a book cover for my son and my grandson asked me to make him one too,

 Well its been stuck in the back of my mind for all this time and after a gentle nudge from my daughter, his mom , i have proceeded in the making of his bookcover…

The  begining.

I seem to have trouble in going back to something i have made,  but once I’m ok once i get  started,  I am so enjoying it, the picking and the cutting of the fabric, the searching for the special bits and pieces that will make up the book cover , the anticipation of the joy that i hope it brings to a special little man…………..And his birthday is next month.

The Sunday just past, my youngest boy made his confirmation,  my little child of God…….

Yeh right!!!       Completely under sufferance,   his grandfather was his sponser,  and  i heard them both utter a sigh of relief when the day was done…………………

Grandma did her bit for the special occasion cooking a chocolate cake that lasted for a whole 24hrs, “well not even”  and thanks grandma, the trifle was del-i-cious……

empty bowls

Hubbie and i finished the trifle off tonight after a beautiful tea was cooked by  my 13yr daughter, and she did extemely well………..Mediterrain meatballs and pasta…..


My little master chef,   she is doing cooking at school this term, so i’ll keep my fingers crossed for more cookless free night’s  for me…………………….

“though youngest boy wants a go as well”,


Just a touch unsure about that one,  just yet…….


stay safe



2 thoughts on “The beginning of winter………….

  1. Sounds like you are going into winter with a very positive attitude. We are enjoying and loving a heatwave here in Scotland, unusual and fabulous but it won’t last. Keep cosy, keep crafting.

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