Ok, so where have i  been you ask???

No!,  well I’m going to share anyway.

Ive been caught  in the void known as life, 

Moments become days,  and then days turn into weeks and well you know,  life in general  just takes over.

Nothing very exciting  has been happening,  just the day to day life happening’s.

Work,  school and home,  mind you,  I can say that all is pretty much as it should be, NOW.

I had a dashing visit to the dentist, Ouch, but i handled myself very well i thought and behaved like a grown up,lol.

I’ve  been working on a few projects, like my black hat and scarf, ( I  haven’t forgotten a hat that also needs to be finished for a special somebody),

 I crocheted  myself a dish cloth, and i know,  why???

 Well,  thats what i was sort of thinking while i was working on it, but once finished , i was quite pleased that id done it, i think it was one of those “I’m gunna do” projects, and  i have already started a 2nd one!!

I finally finished my “Ripple” cushion cover that i started when my special loved ones was here,     “Moments and days ago”, and i’m pretty pleased with it, One day I’d  like to do a blanket in this stitch.

ripple cushion

Father and son shared a special moment,  “that only they can”,  the offical handing over of the lawn motor duties.

Yes, to me it was a bit of a tear moment as i watched Father and son working side by side, “from the window of my craft room”,

A moment in time,  another stepping stone to manhood.



I wonder how the son will handle the job when Summer time is here again, lol

I’ve been doing some beading but i havent finished anything to show, at the moment i am working on a crochet flower necklace,”that i started when i discovered crochet was so much fun”  and i am so close to finishing, maybe tomorrow, if i can try not to get distracted………….

Tomorrow my plan is to finish at least 2 bead projects. At Least !!!!

Craft day was held here on Monday, so that was nice, and everybody was here, a rare occurence of late. That life business again, seems to rare its head quite a bit,lol.

It seems like forever since ive seen everyone, and it was nice to catch up.

Tonight was also another of those stepping stones , the High school had a information night and my baby is off to High school next year………….

I havent quite come to terms with that just yet, thankfully i still half a year to get prepared, if that is at all possible.

 That’s  another example of moment turning into days, days into weeks and weeks into months.

But i guess its all an adventure in life………….

Well, I hope everyone is well, missing those i love…………..


Stay safe



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