In the blink of an eye………………

The days really seem to drift into each other,  i can’t believe that  Friday is here yet again, mind you I’m not complaining about it being a Friday,  just how quickly it came to be…………..

 My week has been pretty good, had classes on Tuesday,Thursday, Thursday night  and  today, and my Thursday night class was a new  class , and to be honest i get a bit nervous   when first starting with  new ladies, luckily i did have a friendly face in the class who has been before,  so that was good, and usually once I  get past the first class it becomes fun………….I hope,lol 


One lady, in my Thursday morning class came prepared with her beads and her idea for her 2nd lesson,  wanting to create a special necklace so that she could wear to her 50th this weekend, so  together we created her necklace.

She was totally impressed when it was finished  and  I asked her “did it look as she had imagined?” and she replied “So much better”……….

Now that’s a buzz………….

Unfortuanlty i didnt get a photo, the class sort of went  way over time as i really wanted her to be able to take it home finished and then i forgot……………..

 Silly me. 

 I can’t wait to hear next week her rave reviews…….


On Wednesday my youngest boy had his School athletics carnival, and  as i didnt have to work that day,

 “luckily for me it panned out that way” 

 I was  able to spend the day at the carnival which really turned into a very relaxing day,

 i took my crochet hook,


 and a pattern for a “tam” hat that i had found on the internet,

 so I got to sit in the car in the sun, watching my boy  and crocheting  myself a hat for winter. (And do no housework for the day).

Firstly my Boy:




We might need to get some spinach for him to build those muscles for shotput, lol, though i am sure with time he will become a powerhouse like his father and great grandfather…………

He actually came 3rd in this race, and he came 4th in another race and he ran like something out of one of his games was chasing him in the relay, so i was pretty proud of him,  unfortunatley he did complain for the rest of the week about sore legs ( even using that as an excuse to get out of going to classes for his confirmation , which mind you didnt work as I made him go, bad mother that I am ) .

The only sad part of the day is that it would be his final sports carnival for his Primary school days…………

Well not really heart wrenching sad, but just the teeniest bit sad for this mom.

And to the other great acheivment  of the athletics carnival……………….

My Hat…..


I don’t usually wear hats, but I’ve worn this to work twice now, and i just love it………….

 It looks just like I’d hoped it would.

 And this afternoon, after dropping Shannon at Dance class,  I’ve gone and bought some black wool so i can  make myself another one ( which i thought would be good to work on when i got to Mom’s on Sunday) and my daughter Cindy wants one as well. (so that’s encouraging, mind you my son Jamie just scoffed at me)..

Also this week Ive been busy making rings,hopefully to sell………..



And finally one more thing to show, the Icing on the  cake,  something i started a few weeks back, and finally finished earlier in the week……..

Taa Daa………..

cushion cover

My very 1st crochet cushion………..

And I even made little flowers and  picoted around the edge,

crochet cushion picot

I’m pretty happy with it and i plan to make another BUT first i have to finish the “ripple” cushion that i started just after easter (Nearly there!)

I’m really enjoying  this crocheting business, very much.

Well that’s all for show and tell this week, mind you i still have plenty of other things that i just need to finish………

Mother’s day on Sunday, and i am really looking forward to that, I’m planning on being spoilt rotten, lol.

Tomorrow though i  have  some Mother’s day shopping of my own to do……………..


Hope everyone has a great weekend and to all those Mom’s out there I hope you get thoroughly spoilt…………….


Stay safe


ps: Go Darlington Point Roosters!!


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