beautiful days…….

Maybe winter isnt quiet ready to rear its “Ugly, cold” head just yet, today ” mind you this is just an observation from my window” looks like’s its going to be a beautiful day, you know the days when its not too cold and not to hot and then cools down for night time sleeping,


They are the days where i really enjoy living in my home town.

So after work i am going to sit out the back in the sun and put the finishing touches to my 1st ever made crochet cushion !!

Yesterday, i had a craft morning with the craftying gals, at  J# house just down the road, so i decided that i would make use of the day and walk!!!

“Now walking is something that i dont do very much I am ashamed to say but i plan to do more of it ( plz dont bring up the new years resolution, now, where i was going to walk EVERYDAY)  and i am desperate not to gain any more weight than i already have and when we have days like today its a pleasure.

The view

The walk itself was very far , and on the way down i was very  relaxed and admiring the view,

“I won’t about the walk home, all  i will say is HILL !!”

I’ll leave you with a photo of a dragonfly that i made for a friend, it originally had Velum wings but they tend to Curl when moisture gets on them  , so now i make the wings with material……………



















dragonfly wings


Hope everyone’s day is filled with warm sunshine and happy smiles.


Stay safe


P.s              Still missing those special ones ……..







3 thoughts on “beautiful days…….

  1. What a gorgeous view!
    What a gorgeous dragonfly.

    Was that a Freudian slip when you said ‘the walk was far?’ lol.

    I’d forgotten about your NYR. Probably didn’t think you meant it anyway :-p

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