Yesterday, today and tomorrow………..

red blossom

Its late, and the house is all shut down for the night, and here i am sitting up in bed typing away on the New Lap top.

I must admit i like the convience of it all………..

Well, the school term has well and truly begun, and even though its only been a few days it feels like the holidays never happened.

I am back into my teaching, being inspired by some of my ladies and listening very happily to their conversations and enjoying the silence as then i know they are really concentrating on what i have shown them.

White flower

I really enjoy designing my pieces and its such a kick when you get an idea, put it  on paper and then see the piece finished, and i get even a bigger kick when someone buys something that i have made and loves it.

At the moment i have a few unfinished projects that just need to be finished, and as hard i try i just cannot seem to be able to get motivated, the thought is always there…………….

I have a crochet cushion cover just waiting to be sewn together, I have another crochet ripple cover that is only a few rows to go, I have a crochet flower that just needs to finished…………Sigh

 I have been  really enjoying the crocheting and even though i have all  these things that need to be finished,  i have been trying to teach myself how to crochet a heart( like I’ve said before i get easily distracted), and believe me it hasnt come easy for me, but i think i am slowly getting it, Thank God for clever ladies in blog land.)


I have a quilt thats needs to be finished and one I’d like to start and actually I have 2 quilts that i want to make for 2 special little beings that are not here yet but are coming in around 7/8mths……………Now that’s really exciting!!!!!!

And lets not talk about the jewellery that needs to be finished, blagh, blagh, blagh i could go and on and on so I wont……

“fingers crossed though that i get the buzz this weekend…………”

No garage sales this weekend “phew” says hubby, i have to work at the shop till after lunch.

Hopefully the shopping will be all done and dusted by the time i get home, he he he.

This week also brought about growth and the relisation that my youngest boy is growing up, he walked home from school !!!!

Now i know that might not be much too some, I know that maybe i have kept him in cotton wool, but I know i have to let go as next year is High school, but i wont think about that too much yet as that may freaK ME OUT,LOL.

Oh my goodness i have just relised what the time is so , maybe having this portable computor is not such a good thing after all.

So i will leave you with yet another bee in the flower photo, and hope we all have a great weekend and maybe I’ll have some things to show and tell after the weekend…………

bee in flower


stay safe



2 thoughts on “Yesterday, today and tomorrow………..

  1. I must be your opposite, I have to finish one item before I can start the next no matter how bored I get. Everyone seems able to crochet except me, I must keep trying because I’d love to make a ripple blanket, or maybe a cushion cover to start with. Beautiful flower and bee picture.

  2. That necklace is just gorgeous, Tracey.

    Don’t you just love that ‘buzz’? Good word to describe it. I’ve definitely go tthe buzz going on lately.

    It’s scary letting kids become their own person, isn’t it?
    I bandy this saying about a lot, but I really love it. It goes (and I daresay I’ve said it to you before)
    Once you become a mother, your heart forever goes walking around outside of your body.

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