Tick tock………..

Well its way past my bed time but as i was flitting through blogland , as i do, on occassion,  i visited my friend  Teakai’s blog, Rumpled  http://teakai.wordpress.com/

And i was reminded about of  a  “challenge ” that we had spoke of at the begining of the holidays, well i hadn’t “really”   forgotten about it  and I had my thoughts of what design i would use   but i  made it up  using 2 different coloured  sides,

 On One side I used Erinite( a green coloured crystal)  and on  the other a  Silver shadow crystal,

I couldnt decide which side i liked the best,

 personally i really  love the colour of  Erinite and  am at present making a necklace “with a crochet flower”  using that colour,

 but thats for another day,   back to the watch,

after seeing Teakai’s  beauty i had to make a decision,

and even though i had asked several family members over the course of the holidays  “which colour? 

no one could agree, They were very much torn,

so a  decision was made tonight about 1/2 hr ago……….

Taa Daa…………………..

silver shadow watch

Silver Shadow won……………………………..

I love the style of the watch, so old and vintage,  and they was such a bargain, only $3.00 for the watch Face, the beads cost more than that.

And i love Teakia’s version very much……

Well, just quickly before i slink into to bed,

School begins again tomorrow but i am looking at it  with the view that its only a school term and  then i will be off to visit some of my most Favourite people in the whole wide  world………

The weather here has really taken a nasty turn, we even have the heater on, and though my hubbie got the heater all ready the  other day,  i was so determined that it would not be turned on,

 To me that felt like I was giving in to the cold,and once you do that then you know there is no turning back………..

Alas i have given in…………..

And its not even Winter yet!!!!!!

I have been very busy crocheting and i am so close to finishing a cushion cover ( i hope to finish within the next day or two , unless i am distracted , which is  quite likely on the cards)   i am so loving  crocheting  And i have also  discovered Crochet flowers,  thanks to a book my mom gve me years ago and this blog attic 24  http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/crochet-flowers-and-leaves.html, thank you so much.

Anyhow , i think its time for me to say goodnight, after all its back to the early starts and school days…..and cold mornings brrrrrr


The last of  my Dahlia’s……….


Stay Safe



3 thoughts on “Tick tock………..

  1. Beautiful – iot really suits the style of the watch.

    Have you tried making any of the flowers out of that book yet? I got it down the other day after you were here and had a flick through and I’m going to have a go at some of them myslef – one fo these days. ll

  2. The “other ” side looked pretty much the same but green, but in the end i chose Jim’s choice,
    And yes i have already made a flower from that book, a future necklace.
    I really like doing the flowers, and i rememeber years a go i had a pattern for a butterfly, today i am off to search………….

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