Goodbyes are so sad…………..



Today i feel like curling in a corner with a blanket and a box of tissues……………

My Very special visitors have gone back to their home, so many miles away..

My son was the first to leave yesterday , with his girlfriend and My grandson

Today my daughter and  her two  little treasure’s……………

The house feels so empty and quiet,  especially after the last few day’s, where there was laughter and tears and cuddles and kisses.( and of course the usual stop that, dont touch, dont jump off that, lol)

SIGH !!!!!!!!!

Its always  the same,

the Joy then the sadness

but i will always take the sadness

because without it you dont get the  Joy !!

And to look on the bright side only another school term before i get to see them (luckily for me they both  live in the same town)..

And then it will be my turn to travel to them. 

Something to look forward to ……..



Thankyou  for making your Mom feel very much loved

Miss you All


Stay safe



2 thoughts on “Goodbyes are so sad…………..

  1. It’s all about balance – I’m glad you had lovely time, it’s how it should be with family!

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

    ps. thank you for visiting me and your lovely comments and ‘absolutely yes’ the chocolate was divine.

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