The Sunday that was Easter

The  Day started with our  traditional Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Sunday


easter egg hunt

 Dan was  the winner (but then sadly for Dan,  all the eggs are place together so that they can be shared evenly  amongst the household)

Yeh ok , so Mom can get some of the goods ……….





 For some though the Easter rabbit wasn’t the only thing that found them, poor Hubbie  has been cursed with the dreaded Flu  , hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him




And to my surprise “chocloate love ”  was also found in the Fridge…………………..



  Lunch was then  shared with family :

family lunch

And of course after lunch there’s  that  time to, relax and crochet( Yes i am attempting to crochet but i have decided that i will start on a small project first . a cushion cover, then we will see wether or not  i will be over taken with the crochet bug).  Until desert is ready…………………

Chelsea Dog     

Chocolate was eaten:

easter     And enjoyed:


Not everyone had chocloate on their mind……………(grandma brought a little box of make up, much more appealing than pimple bearing rabbits)

make up girl

And then it was time for family to go home:home time 

With Millie pleading to be taken home to her rightful family, where dogs are not dogs,  in Grandma’s world……   


  I really couldnt ask for a nicer day,

( well maybe i could and that would be to have my older children and the grandkids here with me today )

 but its only a few more days before i get to see them,

 the countdown is on…………………….


Stay Safe




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