Easily distracted………..

The smell coming from the Kitchen is absolutely yummy………..

Roast Chicken and Veggies baked in Olive oil and Herbs…………………yum.

I have spent nearly an entire afternoon working on a ring that My boss bought as a kit, (Thats does not include the past few days that i have “toyed with it)” . It has been very frustrating and I could not  get it to work, but I’m not one to give up so i kept on trying and trying and at last i have succeeded……………

The Ring:


Quite cool now its finished, pity i have to give it back to my boss, But now i have  learnt a new technique and i can whip up another one, well actually i think a pair of earring’s would lo0k nice, even Hubbie was impressed (without any Pressure) And i even know where i was making the mistake, way back at the 2nd row,  gee it feels great to not just get it right but to understand it as well….

mmmmmmmm that baked Dinner is smelling might fine………………


Be Safe



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