bee-facebookIt’s late, nearly bedtime, but i thought it would be nice to let you know what i have been up too today…………..

First thing this morning we went to garage sales …….

I havent had a chance to take any photos of my goods,  i manage to come across a few bargains,  a few knick nacks,( to sit nicely with rest of my Nicknacks) but My best buy for today was a sewing Machine for my son’s girlfriend, who strikes me as a crafty girl if given the chance…………….

 My afternoon was taken up with  a visit to Miss Traill’s house with  Teakai  my friend  ( who ‘s description for the feel of  the house is perfect) They had an exhibition on old lace and needlework and i  found it to be soo interesting mind you the hardest part was trying to refrain from touching the lace and sewing as you just wanted to pick it up and check out every fine detail……….

We ” Teakai” and I did manage to get into trouble from this little old lady who pounced on as we just had to have a little touch…………..i think if she had a cane we would have felt is sharply across our knuckles, certain of it, lol………..For the rest of the afternoon i had to walk around with my hands up under my armpits so as not to be tempted.

After looking through the house we ventured into the gardens and treated ourself to Scones and Jam, well actually i had to have my scones payed for me because i had left my purse at home, Luckily Teakai had money and as it turned out  my Friend from The bead classes was a volunteer, who kindly payed for my way in, Thank God for friends……………

And Today my oldest daughter, sissy scored her first try for the season(She plays Oz Tag , similiar to football but instead of tackles you have to grab the tag), Yay, The first of many i am sure, and her son my Grandson Jakey Man played his first game of rugby league to which i am sure that he will take to like duck does to water after all i think his father was  quite good at the game and even travelled to England to play in his younger years.

Anyhow I’m thinking that bed and a good book is calling me ……………………







Be Safe



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