“mmmmm”, Thats a sigh of contentment!

I really hate the way time sees to to get away from oneself,  I think to myself every day , Today i would like to do this, and at the end of the day i am either disappointed with myself for not doing anything and wasting the time or i feel pretty damn pleased with myself, and today was  one of those days that i did actually feel pretty happy with it all, in fact  the whole weekend was pretty relaxing.

It started Satruday  with boiled eggs and toast:


Hubby does make the best  boiled eggs ever……..

Next  was the   Garage Sales, now i haven’t been for a while , what with work and cricket we havent had much of a chance  but now with all that behind us, off we went  Hubby , Youngest son and Me…. woo hoo.

I just love rummaging through other people’s  cast off’s, and sometimes i  will come across a  Treasure’s.(hubby tends to disagree with my sort of a treasure  and can be often heard saying   WHAT DO YOU WANT THAT FOR??????,

Well I have to be honest, somethings i  find dont really have a purpose at that exact moment in time, but  I just know that they will be good for some project later down the track .

For example these precious little baby’s……………..

Ostrich eggs

Ostrich Eggs……………… They have  creativety written all over them, especially after my adventure with the Duck eggs before xmas, i HAD to have them……….

Next i have bundled my other finds all together so as not to bore you with every little detail, “How long have you got”!!

Garage sales goods

I bought 2 very pretty single bed comforter’s,   in great condition for $2.00 each, and they will come in handy in  a couple of weeks when  ALL of my kids are coming home   ( I am really excited about that, My 2 oldest kids  and their families are coming to stay for a weekend, an uncle is getting married ), and I am pleased to say that i will get to Babysit the grandkids, (ohhhhhh i cant wait) It will sort of feel like xmas and i cant remeber the last time that we was all together …Something  for me to really look forward to xoxox

I bought a stephen King book, ( yes i like a bit of Horror, so i am hoping that is fulfills my expectations).

And  we bought Robbie the Robot Alarm clock ($2.00) which i  thought was kewl and suited my younger son to a “T”, he is into robotic creatures,

Anyhow i asked the lady before i bought it did it work??, Yes she tells me but its Very loud….

Well needless  to say Robbie Robot kept us quite occupied Saturday afternoon as we tried to work out how you actually set the time and his alarm,  ( that really should have been my next question after did he work, right)  After searching for some way i being able to do these things i “googled”  Robbie only to find out that Robbie actually came with a gun that you used to turn him on and off ,

 ohhhh i was totally disappionted  and thought that Poor Robbie was a complete waste of time, ” sorry” and he was  so close to being  put out,  banished from the house,  when Hubbie found the button that changed the time and set the Alarm…………..and saved Robbie the Robot, He actually works………… Now lets see how long he survives in the Morning………

Well that was Saturday, done and dusted…………….

Sunday was another day and More garage sales, so off we went, (Hubbies idea mind you, must be a glutton for punishment).

Not much really today, very sedate, but i did manage to buy some really great Sunglasses that still had the tags on them at $69.95 and they were being sold for $3.00,

I got a pair, Dan got a pair and Shannon got a pair, no luck for hubbie, and i ended up going back before we ventured home and bought another pair for myself ( well im the sort of person who tends to break or lose sunglasses very easily),  so it was an investment………

Thats was about it for the day of Bargain hunting and the weary Hunters went home to find something else to occupy their time……

I had a play with a new medium that i have acquired : Diamond Glaze………………Kewl  !!

Diamond Glaze

Now this is my first attempt but the possibilities are endless, Am totalling loving it:

Diamond pendant

And i dont plan on it being my last attempt, I am hoping  it will dry even clearer that the photo show.s , I hope.

But so much fun……………………..

Well im just off to have a piece of Blueberry and apple pie with Custard  (No photo, didnt want to tease anyone !!!)



Be safe  xoxoxox


2 thoughts on ““mmmmm”, Thats a sigh of contentment!

  1. I actually gasped when I red Robbie robot needed a gun to turn him off.

    And I love the pendant – it’s ethereally beautiful.

    And, you’ve made me feel like boiled eggs for breakfast.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about little buns birthday. Yes she’s a trooper and looking forward to this Sunday.

    Glad to find another crafter with a skill I know nothing about. The pendant looks great. I will have a read through the rest soon.

    Lisa x

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