All in a day………………


Today was one of those days when  the  house work was put on the back burner,  (mmmm,    seem’s  to get put on the back burner quiet a bit)   but I’m sure it will  be waiting for me  when i get that certain burst of housing cleaning energy.

Today was spent catching up with an old friend, and hearing about her recent adventures,her love, her life and her trouble’s, its good to be able to lend a ear or if ever needed, a shoulder, after all thats what friendship is about.

It  was nice to hear about  her   journey,    but when asked about whats been happening with me, its a boring “the same, old same old”, but you know,  it’s not really boring at all, i never know what little project is going to pop into my mind or maybe the calling of the gardening bug might pull me ” nah !!!” or what each new day brings, or just being with the ones that i love.

I am lucky though i know, i have a great family and  the best Jim sorry  hubbie i could ever hope for , so my “boring same old same old” is exactly where i want to be………………………………

Today was also  spent with the craft ladieeee’s, my mates,  who i NEVER find Boring,

Thats a day I always look forward to  and today i even managed a stitch or 2…..

quilt block

This is a block that belongs to a quilt that we having been working on now for about the last 5 years !!! (slight exageration there) its really only be 12mths???, anyhow there was 9 blocks in total and i am very close to finishing the 9th, Yay.

It will be so worth it when its finished………….

And speaking of quilts, I couldnt help myself and this afternoon i just popped into spotlight for a quick browse before picking up Shannon from  her drama class and i  couldnt resist buying some material for the quilt i started on the weekend,


And i couldnt make a decision , so i HAD to buy a peice of each………..

Who could resist…………………..


Be safe



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