There it goes…………….


There it goes, another weekend and here is come’s, a new week………….

Got be thankful for that though!!!!!!!

Well i didn’t  quite get everything that i wanted  to do but actually i did quite well.

quilt blocksI managed to make a start on that quilt that I’ve been going to make FOREVER!!

and instead of the 2 blocks that i hoped to get done , managed to acheive 4, Yay!!

I was pretty happy with  my  self  but boy is there a lot of time that goes into the making of a quilt, it really is a journey of sorts………..but im so happy and only about 16 more blocks to go, No pressure will i put on myself though, this is a journey of love………..”and finally i get to use some of that Fabric that i have sitting away in my cupboard”


For the mothers day stall i wanted to make something that involved Hearts, beads and bookmark and so WALLAH!!!



Yes, it is a bead Heart Bookmark………..

In total i made 5 Bookmarks, not all with hearts, but i did

try to pick some pretty focal beads after all i have quite a stash of those  as well as material’s, lol shhhhh .

And its nice to know that a  child will be taking home a “special” Treasure for their mom’s………………….


My friend really  seem to like her bracelet  that i made her for her birthday!!

Blue braceet

 luckily for me i ran into her children down the  street Thursday Afternoon and they informed that Blue was Mom’s favourite colour, Phew!!!!

And this next Want I was Really happy about!!  Finally we made it down to Miss Traill’s House “An Historical Home in our town”.

The gardens are just so peaceful and relaxing and that is why my hubbie and I chose  to get married there 12 Years ago……….

Anyhow Back to the story, Shannon got dressed up once again in her pretty pink frock “that i found at the Op shop” and off we went to take photos, one I plan to turn into an embroidery, yep Another Journey………..

I took, believe  it  or not 293 photo’s, i cant help myself, no wonder my hubbie complains about no space on the hardrive. Obviously i won’t keep them all,  but the majority of them were beautiful……………Shannon is so  photo genic, and I have some plans to photoshop a few of them.

Which one will be my embroidery, Not sure yet but i will keep you all informed when i have decided.


shannon reading

And to make the weekeend complete  The cricket team that Dan plays in won its game making the team the winners of the comp.

It turned out to be a very nail biting end to   the game,   4 boys in a row from our team was bowled out and we only needed 2 runs to win with out last batter out on the field but i can tell you that when we got those 2 runs i was jumping around like a crazed loon but who care’s   WE WON !!!!

Luckily for me everyone else was pretty estatic as well  and didnt notice the crazy lady, even the coach was emotional…………

And Also my Dad’s cricket team also made the finals and won,  wooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!


He’s the Hansome “white”haired Devil in the Middle………………..xoxox

Wel, I can say that no  vacumm cleaner not used in any way shape or form this weekend, and that HAVE TO job sort of didnt happen,

I guess there is alway’s next weekend………………




Be safe xoxoxo


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