Friday on my mind………

Its Friday, Yay. that means a whole weekend that i dont have to worry about being somewhere……

” Exc ept for Saturday”   because  Dan is in  finals of cricket,  so i definatly want to be there,   with my  camera, sketch Pad , maybe some sewing , note pad  “so that i can write a  letter  that is long overdue”   and the coffee flask………..

At the moment,  it feels like a storm is making its way towards us,  i can hear the rumbling of the thunder in the distance,   thankfully all clothes are off the line..


I dont mind a good storm as long as its not too fierce or damaging……………..



My week was pretty busy , working most day’s now but it seems to be slowing down, so i will take it as it comes….

Sooo whats on the agenda for this weekend i hear you ask, what plans do i have, well as usual i want to do everything,

I  want to:    Dress my daughter up and take her to an old house with  a garden, take some  photo’s,  The plan being  is to take  picture’s of shannon in a  pretty pink dress  , then print her photo onto material , placing her in a magical garden of embroidered flowers and  I’ve  already purchased the  frame ,  but i really need to get  this happening before the cold  weather sets in and she refuses to dress up for her mother, like  she did in the  photo below


I entered this in our local show a few weeks backs and i was totally chuffed to get a highly recemmendation, pretty damn cool i thought,

but at   least this time Shannon only has to hang around a garden……….

I also Want to:  Have a go at making a fork bracelet,   I made  a  pair of earrings  from the end’s of  teaspoons and ive really been wanting to have a go at a bracelet  made from either a spoon or a fork.spoon earrings


And a lady came into the shop the other day wearing a bracelet made from one of those so thats got me  thinking about it again…………………





I want to:      Finish an embroidery that i started for a little girls room, i havent met this little girl but her mom and dad were my neighbours and when their little boy was born i made him a sign for his  bedroom  door,

 they have sinced moved but his grandmother was in a class of mine and was telling me how they had a little girl and her name was Emily Rose, well i couldnt resist with  such a pretty name and so now i am working on a little sign for her  bedroom door.

That shouldnt be too hard to finish this weekend, its just about done……………..

I want to :  make at least 2 squares for my quilt that Ive been wnting to do for ever, i am working on a quilt block at the moment but it is one that our craft qroup has all been doing, and im not quiet sure yet who will end up with that one, but this other quilt is for me,  and i want to do a sawtooth ” im hoping thats what its called, sort of like a star??” and use up some of the material that i have stashed out in the flat, a friend made one and it looked so good and it totally inspired me to do one and i figured if i start now i might have it ready to handquilt when winter desends, which isn’t really that far away.

I want to:  make some thing special for the mothers day stall that they are having at our local school………… thinking hearts, bookmarks, earring, not really quite sure yet……

Now this next want is not quite a want but HAVE TO:

And that is to spend AT least 1 HOUR in this ……………………………..










 I am so not a gardener, Id like to be though, it always looks so pretty in my head………….

Anyhow thats my weekend  planned but tonight i  am   making  a bracelet for  a  friend whos birthday is tomorrow, and then ill be watching Medium, actually i may have to make and watch at the same time,

I’m  a mom I can do that…………….

It   feels like i have been on here for awhile, I can feel dan  breathing down my neck,  anxiously waiting for me to off   the computor .  He’s been making computor games “he is 11″ and has sub mitted a game  that  he made  to  a  website and its finally on and now he keeps checking to see if anyone has played it yet, so very kewl i think.

Ok so now i am going………..

Be safe……….

Happy weekend..




Oh and i am so excited,  My daughter has started her own blog and my son is finally internet connected (My oldest 2 who no longer live at home but chose to live miles away, sob sob”) ………………………….

Also before i go, no storm, it seems like it has totally missed us, bummer, i was so looking forward to  listening to  rain on the rooftop !!


2 thoughts on “Friday on my mind………

  1. OMG!! It doesn’t rain it pours. I’ve been checking in all week to your blog and finding nothing. You’ve been saving it all up,haven’t you 🙂

    Didn’t see any mention of laundry or vacuuming in your list of weekend activities.
    And frankly, I think your garden looks lovely. I really like that wild overgrown look – so long as it’s reasonably contained, which yours is.

    Well done on Dan and his game – that’s fantastic. He may be a future Bill Gates and just think how he could look after his mummy in her old age. Which is ages off. 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to seeing that embroidering of Shannon in it’s completed state, and I LOVE the earings you made with the spoons. Very Bodhemian.

    Look, now this has turned into an epic. I’m going now.

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