Xmas swap…………..

Yesterday was our little craft groups Xmas swap for the year,  Each crafty makes a gift and then what ever name you pull out of the bowl then thats who’s gift that you receive.

I thankfully had finished my gift the night before and was pretty impressed with it, so much in fact that i plan to make one for myself.



But i will extent it to say Merry Xmas…………….(will i do for this year, more than likely not but i may surprise myself)

Mygift went to T# so that was pretty kewl and she was impressed with it so that was great for me.

I recieved J# gift,

bon bon

Which is a material Bob Bon filled with chocolates, i was very happy and so was my Dan( who likes a chocoalte or 2)…….

We also got to each bring a plate to which i cheated and bought some Wedges and sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (which turned out to be BBq sauce) but i was hungry and they tasted nice.

The afternoon was a  lovely peaceful afternoon shared with  friends.

Have youngest daughter home today with conjuctivitus………………

Thankfully though she can still use her arms to dust and hang out the washing when i check out the Op shops for a Pink T-shirt for my Dan .

The School is having there annual xmas performance tonight and he needs Pink and Black………………….

I will leave you with  a picture that i captured yesterday as i was leaving the xmas swap afternoon…..

J# has the cutest little garden and i spotted a Bee on my way out amongst her pretty flowers………………….



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