so cute…

Somebody started dance class last week………….

I just know that this little girl was born to dance………….

 why do they have to live so far away…………….


Today i am off to buy this little dancer some special ballet shoes….

Then who knows what the day will bring.

I did manage to partly tidy that mess of a  desk but just when it was about finished

my mind starting wandering and so began the journey of yet another piece of jewelery.

Needless to say “the desk” is much the same.

Theres always tomorrow, I seem to say that quite a bit, lol.

Thankfully its true.

Next weekend my daughter is coming for a very quick flying visit………..

Grandma actually get’s to babysit, YAY,

Cindy and her hubbie are actually going to a concert in sydney, and luckily for us

we are on the way.

And I cant wait to see them, if only briefly.

I have around 4 bags full of clothes for My grandson, and a pile of books that the kids

can distribute amongst themselves.

Weather is a bit cooler today, they say rain but we will see…………………


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