Early riser ………take 2

Day 2 of the early riser……….. Not so chirpy today, lol

Yesterday at work was no worries but i am thinking today might be slightly

 more hectic, we have the great race on this weekend, 

 Bathurst 1000 at mt Panorama,

So for the next few days i am going to feel like

i have a swarm of bees Buzzing around

in my head, as we live just a few streets for the track.

I think i have managed to attend the races but once in my lifetime.

And that was as a 17 yr old girl who’s only remberance of the great race was

seeing a car fly past everyone few moments, 

and by the end of the race I was slightly

intoxicated and cannot even remember who actually won the race that year,

maybe Brocky??

I do remember though having to walk

(what seemed like a thousand miles  at the time)

back to my home which was way down town.

Needless to say that was my first and last experience with the races.

But we do get a bit of a thrill with the pre-show performance in the sky.

And yesterday we ventured down to the shop’s thinking it would be hectic,

And it wasnt too bad, but it was like all the locals were in hybernation and

only “the tourist’s” were out and about, with a carton under 1 arm and a tray of

snag’s on the other………………

On my return from my hoildays I had a special little visitor waiting for me..’

Which in hindesite was probably the best medicine i could have had for the “blues”

that I was feeling……….

Kurt  My grandson………..

He certainly kept this grandma busy because he was always Hungry,

“grandma I’m Hungry”, well what’s a grandma to do but feed that poor little

fella, and we did and we discovered that among other delights he

loves a icecream or 2………………..

I couldnt believe how much hes grown, Its his birthday soon as we plan

to go visit , the big 4 years old……………………………….

Soon it will be off to school,, but not for another year yet so i wont think it away.

I’d like to get to see him more often but he too lives away from me, but not quite as far

as the country crew.

IT SO SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this getting up early is great but as i look at the

time id best go and organise

myself as that is always a time consuming job…………….





One thought on “Early riser ………take 2

  1. oh my gward!! I can’t believe how big he is. I still think of him when he was about 2. Well, not any more.

    And to think he’s at school next year – doesn’t seem possible.

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