Rainy day……………..


rainy daysToday i awoke to the sound of raindrops on my roof, a very tranquil moment, that was until i relised that it was time to get up and organise the troops,  Troops being 2 children aged 10 and 12(nearly 13 OMG). 

To be honest though today was a rather calm sort of morning, 12yr old daughter(nearly 13 OMG ) had at least 1/2hr before she had to leave to catch the bus so that gave her at least 25min to stand in teh bathroom and make sure that every hair strand had its place, beautiful child that she is, looks beautiful with messed up hair.

Then there is my boy who is 10, who’s is very habitual and has organised himself to breakfast and cleaned his teeth and is quite interested in what is happening on the Today show. His alterego is crash Bandicoot and he can surface at anytime, makes for an interest morning.

I am so lucky, I also am blessed with other children, 2 in fact but they are older and have moved on and away with their lives but they have produced some very gorgeous grandchildren for me to love, though they have chosen some distance away to reproduce and that i found Horrible…………..i miss them soo.


Well the rain has stopped , hopefully we will get more, and maybe at bedtime would be just about appropiate, for me anyhow…………………..



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